10 aktiviteter du kan gjøre på vintercamping

Camping is no longer reserved for the summer. One in three campsites in Norway are open all year round, and many are located in scenic surroundings with opportunities for fantastic winter experiences. Most also have winter-insulated cabins for rent. There are therefore no more excuses to explore the exciting opportunities that exist in Norway during the winter months as well.

Here we have collected 10 good tips for winter activities that can be experienced in combination with winter camping.

Northern lights safari

The mythical northern lights with their fantastic formations and colors attract tourists from all over the world. In northern Norway it is no longer called dark time, but rather color time. If you make the trip to Alta, there are many winter-adapted campsites where you can hunt for the northern lights with a subsequent sauna afterwards.

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Dog sledding

Several places offer dog sledding, and this is one of the roughest experiences winter has to offer. In Valdres, for example, you can experience dog sledding in beautiful surroundings on the mountains in the areas around Beitostølen, Vang and Vaset.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing is a year-round activity, and the fishing opportunities in the sea are enormous and varied. In winter, Northern Norway is known for having some of the world's best fishing areas. The days are cold and dark, but that doesn't matter when you can catch a record-breaking skrei on a walk.

Ice fishing

With the right clothing and simple equipment, you can have memorable fishing experiences on the ice. Pack dart sticks, pacifier detectors, char flashers, mormyshka and a box of maggots and you're ready on the equipment front! In the bag, it is strongly recommended to bring a thermos with hot drinks, a packed lunch, something comfortable that you can either sit or lie on when you go fishing, and extra wool for the body. Frozen waters with hundreds of perches, large pike, char and trout can be found everywhere, but remember to bring ice fishing rods and, most important of all, ice spikes!

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Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is and will be the classic of winter in Norway, and there are countless opportunities to devour miles starting from one of the many campsites in Norway. The well-known ski destinations such as Hemsedal, Hafjell, Bjorli and Oppdal all have miles of groomed slopes and good facilities at the campsites.

Ice skates

The ice can also be used by those looking for a little more speed and excitement. If your fingers get cold from playing all morning, just put on your skates and explore the lakes. Combine the skates with a pair of ski poles if your ambition is to cover as many miles as possible before dinner.

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There are over 200 alpine resorts in Norway, and the offers are varied and suitable for everyone. Røldal has one of the most snow-proof facilities, and here there are several campsites that are suitable for those who want to stay close to the ski lift and fresh powder.

Hiking mountain tops on skis (randonee)

The randonee trend isn't going to die out anytime soon. Several campsites have caught on, and can offer accommodation in spectacular surroundings with access to steep slopes. If you take the trip to Romsdalen, you can get high-quality camping accommodation in addition to snow-sure peaks.

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For many paddlers, the season ends in autumn, when daylight and temperatures decrease. It is admittedly a bit more challenging to paddle in winter, but with modern paddling equipment in combination with good woolen garments, it can offer fantastic experiences from the kayak. The water is clearer and the light can be magical. In Svolvær in Lofoten you can book a guided trip with winter paddling.

Sledding and snow play

Nothing is more low-key than putting on lots of clothes and playing through the day in the snow. Sledding, snowball fights, building a snow cave or a snowman. Best of all; it's free, can be done anywhere there is snow and is just as suitable for adults as for the youngest.

One place is Jotunheimen Feriesenter, which is located at the foot of Jotunheimen in scenic surroundings. Here you can either stay in one of our cabins or use the space in a caravan, mobile home or tent. The camping cabins are categorized into 3 sizes with different standards.

The location is a great starting point for an active holiday with proximity to the national parks: Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell. For those who want to go to Besseggen, Gjendesheim is a 35-minute drive away. For families with children, Glittersjå Fjellgård and Brimi climbing park are nearby. If you drive 40 minutes, you can enjoy baking at Lom bakery and see the historic stave churches in the center of Lom. Excitement can be found in the river Sjoa with its rafting opportunities. The campsite also has a mini-golf course, a climbing tower (for use by children) and an earthen playground.

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